Linda McBride

4009 Crestridge Drive

Midland, TX 79707

(432) 528-3327


Linda McBride

4009 Crestridge Drive

Midland, Texas 79707


By Linda McBride

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Phone: (432) 528-3327


Mendy Mac is really sweet.

She likes things nice and neat.

She tries to do -  the right things.

She loves to wear her angel wings.

Critty has a mind of her own.

She does not like to be alone.

She loves to play and likes to share.

She really tries to show she cares.

Boop-Diddy-Boop is full of energy.

He loves to run, look and see.

He runs when it is time to do the dishes.

But he loves to give you hugs and kisses.




This is the BTS Web Site.

Home of the best Bedtime Stories ever written.

      Bedtime Stories were written for small children, ages birth through Kindergarten. They are feel good bedtime stories. They are intended to help promote good thoughts and feelings before going to sleep.

       The characters in the books are two little girls and a boy, with very different personalities.  They are characters any child can relate to.  The three characters are used in all the books so they will be ‘friends’ that you will know and remember. 

      I hope you enjoy reading Bedtime Stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

                                      Thank You...,

                                      Linda McBride